I have crossed the finsih line in more than 1,000 events world wide from a relay swim swimming the English Channel to Cycling non stop for 24 hours to running the mile to a triple marathon. Completed all distance triathlons from the  sprint triathlon to a triple ironman (Swim 11.4 km Bike 540 km run 1206 km) non stop!
I also coach athletes to achieve their dreams and have a information web site with more than 800,000 words www.ironmate.co.uk and i am also author of “The Complete Book of Triathlon Training”
I competed in the very first Triathlon held in the UK in 1983, this year will be my 30th seasons in Triathlon.
During that time I have crossed the finish line in more than 455+ triathlons probably more than anyone else in the world & have represented the GB Triathlon Team as an elite and now as an age grouper. I have won numerous triathlons out right and highest place in the London triathlon was 3rd overall.
I still compete and I have been a performance coach for the last 18 years, advising people from 21 years to 75 years of age to compete in Triathlons Marathon Ultra distance running (MdS) and long distance cycle events.
From first timers to professional full time Triathletes and Ironman experts I have coached all abilities ages and I am also head coach at Tri Topia Triathlon Holidays in France
I have been guest speaker at the Triathlon Cycle Run (TCR) Show and also write for 220 magazine
Recently my book has been published  – I am now the Author of “The Complete Book of Triathlon Training”, first Britain to write for the Ironman Triathlon book series
A book from start to finish, from your first triathlon right through to the Ironman.
British Triathlon level 1 & 2 (Level 3 pending) & founder member of British Triathlon
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Author of “The Complete Book of Triathlon Training”
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Professional Performance Coach Mentor Training Programmes and Sports Nutrition Coach & Author of The Complete Book of Triathlon Training
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455+ Triathlon Finisher
75 x Marathon Finisher
35 x IronMan Finisher
2 x Double IronMan
1 X Triple IronMan
Mark has covered more than 6,000 miles swimming 175,000 cycling & 52,000 miles running
Probably more triathlons than anyone else in the world!
No one is more expereinced to coach you.
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